The Educational Psychology Service

Schools & settings

Currently offering a new, free, telephone advice service for staff in schools/educational setting and for other professionals (including colleagues from health, social care and the voluntary sector).

This will be providing consultation on the education and well-being of young people with additional needs and vulnerabilities. The issue may relate to an individual or a broader need within a setting.

Please note that if the issue concerns a young person already known to either team, we would recommend that you contact the relevant Educational Psychologist or Advisor directly by phone or e-mail. Equally if you have a close working relationship with your school’s Educational Psychologist or Autism Advisor you may prefer to contact them directly in the first instance.

If you would like to use this service please e-mail one of the following addresses giving your own name and phone number, times during the working day when you are likely to be available for a phone call and a brief outline of the issue that you would like to discuss. Please do not use the names of children or young people in these emails.

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