Cruse Cornwall Press Release

Cruse Bereavement Care


Cruse Bereavement Care in Cornwall is a charitable organisation designed to offer support to bereaved people throughout Cornwall. The organisation has been carrying out this important work for the last 60 years nationwide and for nearly 40 years in Cornwall. This is the first time that it has had to respond to the needs of the Cornish people in such a very difficult time. There are deaths from Covid-19 (Coronavirus) in Cornwall and supporting those families affected by these deaths may well be a role that Cruse undertakes. However, there will be other deaths that have occurred during this period which are unrelated to Coronavirus where loved ones will have died without the normal care and support that family members can offer. Families and friends have not been able to attend the funeral of the loved family member. People have had to grieve entirely on their own with no one to be able to offer any physical support and comfort. For many this will be an added trauma on top of the existing distress of the death. For this reason, Cruse in Cornwall has now opened a new Helpline where people can request support from a trained bereavement volunteer. This volunteer will be able to listen with empathy, care and understanding. During the period of the pandemic, this will be a new way of working for Cruse. By offering this quick response, we hope to be able to speak with Clients as soon as possible without there being a waiting list. Clients will be able to have an initial one-hour support call. Those seeking support that is more extensive will be invited to contact Cruse again in the future when the effects of the current crisis will have hopefully diminished.

Cruse are being supported in this endeavour of offering a fast and timely response to bereaved people in Cornwall by being granted funding by the National Lottery Fund and The Cornwall Community Foundation. This money will ensure that we can offer people the trained skilled response to Clients when they are most at need.

To contact Cruse Bereavement Care please ring the Helpline tel: no: 01726 76100 or Judy Dowding, Chair on 07899 956387